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Hi I’m Marvin, one of the owners and operators of San Jose Grease Trap Cleaning. Our company pumps, cleans, and services grease traps in the San Jose and south bay area.

I’m a proud San Jose resident that makes an honest living by servicing grease traps and grease interceptors. Collectively we have about 15 years of experience in the grease trap pumping industry. We now have 6 pump trucks running and pumping full-time.

That’s enough about me. You’ve got a grease trap that needs to be serviced.

Give us a call for anything related to grease trap cleaning in San Jose, emergency pumping services, early-hour pumping, late-night service, regularly scheduled services, grease trap service companies in San Jose, violations and regulation issues and solutions, foul odor issues, pumping frequencies, grease trap cleaning companies in San Jose, grease interceptor services, documentation and manifests, off-site disposal…….you get the point right? Our technicians can handle just about any sort of grease trap problem you encounter.

We’re guilty of having long-term customers, affordable rates, and reliable services. We service the entire south bay area.

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Grease Trap Cleaning in San Jose

Just like most things, when you pay for something, that is exactly what you’re going to get. So, if you’re considering a grease trap company in San Jose, the least costly one isn’t always the best option. At San Jose Grease Trap Services, we know our clients’ needs and aim to provide the most affordable and expert solutions for their grease trapping needs. 

Have you ever had a severe blockage or overflow problem due to the poor performance of your grease management system? Did this occur because you tried to save a buck or two on your previous maintenance job? Simply put, some of the most catastrophic fines are imposed when owners violate the local safety and health codes. In some instances, you can even be forced to close your place until you find a solution. 

More often than not, these issues occur because of faulty cleaning, pumping, and maintenance actions that were performed by inexperienced contractors. When you choose San Jose Grease Trap Services, you can rest assured that you’re in the very best hands. We have a wide range of knowledge and expertise, and we’re eco-friendly. So, you’ll be quite pleased to know you’re dealing with the grease trap business’s most eco-friendly company. 

San Jose grease trap services is your number one partner for a full line of services

Our team was built with some of the most highly trained experts within the grease trap field. So, if you have a mess of problems, you don’t need to worry because we’ve got you covered. There are several safety and health codes that you’re required to follow. You also need to keep records of all the service and maintenance work performed in these areas. This is where our team comes in; we even ensure that we do all of the record-keeping for you. 

After conducting any job, we carefully log all of the services we perform and keep the records on file. This is done so that you can access them at any point in the future. To hold up the end of our bargain, we’ll periodically consult with you to ensure that you stay apprised of our work and any changes in the codes or your maintenance schedule. This is a reliable solution that keeps you up to date with the San Jose, California code requirements. 

When you leave these legal headaches to us, you’ll have extra time on your hands that can be used elsewhere. 

Our promise to you

When you partner with us, you’ll not only find peace of mind, you’ll also find that we pledge the following: 

*Our services will be conducted in a non-disruptive manner to ensure that normal business can be conducted. 

* We’ll see to it that your wastes are recycled and processed for soil edification, bio-fuel, or even a way to produce methane gas. 

*Any waste that is unable to be recycled will be safely disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. 

*We will always keep ourselves updated with the codes and laws that apply to you. This prevents you from ever having to worry about legal compliance issues. 

*We will maintain and compile all of your records for services that we perform, and you’ll have full access whenever you need them. 

*Regular consultation sessions will be held to ensure that you know about maintenance needs. 

Let’s talk about your grease trap

While it may not seem that obvious, having a grease trap installed on your property is very beneficial for your establishment. The entire purpose of having an interceptor and trap is to better protect the environment. When we say the environment, we mean the sewage system as well. Did you know that this can affect your operations? 

When your system is maintained correctly, you won’t have to worry about getting into trouble with health and safety officials. However, if you decide to put these services on the back burner, you’ll get into serious trouble. Therefore, it is vital to regularly maintain and service your interceptor and traps. When you partner with us, we’ll take care of all your needs at the highest level of expertise.

Restaurant grease traps are our specialty

At this point, we’re sure that you already know your home kitchen and your establishment kitchen operate in two different ways. Since you’re serving food to the public, typical kitchen responsibilities will increase. In essence, you’ll need to keep an extra eye out on the safety and health of anyone involved with your establishment. 

This refers to your guests, employees, your neighbors, and even the public. One of the main concerns on that list is your neighbors. If ever a sewer pipe overflow occurs, there are a series of consequences. These consequences range from legal violations to many others. 

A grease trap installation is not only necessary for you, but it is also a mandate according to the health and safety codes. This makes it even more vital that you partner with us so that we can perform the necessary maintenance on your grease trap system. When you don’t have this issue as a top priority, you’re risking your establishment. 

It puts you at a higher risk of code violations. Let us show you how to avoid these problems. 

At San Jose Grease Trap Services, our team of experts is equipped with pumping trucks that serve your cleaning and pumping needs. So why don’t you give us a call for your free consultation today? You’ll soon learn about what you need to do to get your establishment ready for inspection. Our team can be reached at 408-746-1803

What are the benefits of partnering with San Jose grease trap services?

*We will save you a lot of money when we enroll you in a specially designed pricing plan. There are endless variables that tend to affect a client’s needs. As a result, we introduce you to several service plans you can choose from that cater to your individual needs. Whatever you choose, when you partner with us, you can be at peace in your day to day activities. 

*All paperwork and reports will be completed and filed by our staff so that you can easily access them in the future. This is one of the main activities that we perform for our clients. It ensures that you’ll never have to worry about keeping up with any San Jose, California regulations, and codes. 

*All of our clients matter to us. Those who stay long term are offered special discounts on all of their desired services. 

*If your establishment has more than one location, we even offer a specialized deal to better serve you. 

* We’ve already built an excellent reputation with those we cater to. We are often complimented on the exceptional services that we provide.  

Be careful - Don’t let your grease trap get to full capacity

When it comes to taking care of your grease trap, you should never let it fill. Some of the main reasons why are as follows: 

*Health and Safety Concerns – When your grease trap is full, the quality of air around it is poor. This is also a potential fire hazard at your establishment. 

*Terrible Odor – Grease traps that are filled to the brim tend to have one of the most disturbing scents. It leaves your entire establishment smelling like oil, rancid grease, and even like spoiled food. This not only prevents clients from entering, but it also leaves them not wanting to even return to such an environment again. 

*Angry Officials – If your establishment’s air is filthy, locals can easily complain to the relevant authorities. If that isn’t bad enough, those grease traps can easily overflow into the sewage system. If all of these things go wrong, you’ll incur hefty fines. 

How does grease pumping work?

The art of grease pumping is so delicate that not even your employees should ever try to pump that trap. Besides not having the proper experience, they simply don’t have the right equipment to deal with a grease trap. At San Jose Grease Trap Services, we’re properly equipped to deal with even the most challenging pumping situations. 

While it may still sound easy, if your staff lacks the proper expertise and training, they will never be able to use the appropriate gear. So be sure to call us if you need help with your San Jose, California grease trap pumping. Our team is highly trained, and we are the leading pros for any of your “grease trap cleaning near me” needs. 

When we arrive at your establishment, we’ll not only measure and pump your grease out, but we will dispose of it in a completely safe manner. After the pumping operation is over, we’ll then proceed to ensure that all the delicate parts of your trap are in perfect working condition. You’ll never need to worry about any paperwork because we’ve got you covered. 

Call us and receive your hassle-free quote today. We’ll provide you with a detailed explanation of the quote. Then, you’ll finally be able to make an informed decision on how you want to proceed with your grease trap cleaning services. After receiving your quote, there is no risk or obligation. 

Other issues that need addressing:

*Assessment – Before a removal is conducted, the amount of material must first be assessed. This ensures that we’re properly equipped to effectively conduct your job. It also serves as a means of tailoring your maintenance schedule for the future. 

*The Actual Pumping – While it is essential to get to removing the fat, oil, and grease, a suitable hose must be used. It is then lowered into the trap, and we collect the grease and further analyze it to determine its recycling capabilities.  

*The Final Cleaning – If you want your grease trap performing at its best, it needs to be cleaned. This is done by removing the sticky, thick residue covering your grease trap’s inner edges and sides. We then test the sludge to determine if your trap is working as it should be. 

Did we do a great job at convincing you? If you’re still on the fence, you can call us for a free consultation session. During this session, we’ll be able to effectively answer any concerns that you have. We’ll even be able to set up an appointment so that we can fully assess your grease trap and provide you with your free quote. 

We’re the experts in San Jose, California, for all your servicing and pumping needs. Give us a call so you can learn more about how our services can help you. When you call us, you don’t have to worry about committing to us. Call us today at 408-746-1803

Leading grease trap services in San Jose

The average person will assume a grease interceptor is nothing more than an oversized grease trap found in a commercial kitchen. With ongoing advancements in industrial kitchen sanitation systems, the grease interceptor is a critical component of how everything is processed before being pushed towards the sewage system. In general, a grease interceptor can be set up outside and doesn’t need to be inside the kitchen. This means it is placed underground and out of the way. Things such as oil, food solids, grease, and other waste are collected in the grease interceptor to ensure the sewage system remains safe and clear of contaminants.  

Grease interceptors are designed to be efficient and will look unique based on how they’re set up. When it comes to installing a grease interceptor, it’s crucial to assess the variables at play and then pursue a comprehensive installation. It’s essential to seek a professional company with years of experience, such as San Jose Grease Trap Services, to help with the installation. When the system is set up the right way, it can make a noticeable difference to the underlying interception rate, increasing it to an outstanding 85+%. It’s all about pursuing the right company and making sure the cleaning standard is as high as it needs to be. 

Industry experts state it’s crucial to have a comprehensive hydro-jet cleaning to ensure the interceptor functions as required. This can be done semi-annually or annually, depending on the business. Each kitchen will have a unique set of waste metrics when it comes to how much waste is being produced per day. This is why it is better to set a schedule when it comes to cleaning a grease interceptor and making sure it is well-maintained. If this is put off, the waste can start to accumulate and hurt the grease interceptor’s performance. This can lead to unwanted blockages and/or other issues that are difficult to repair, including the plumbing system not working. Keeping up with these details is essential and should remain in line with what the San Jose city health department requires. 

Understanding the pumping and cleaning process

A grease interceptor is often assumed to look like a large chamber that is designed to catch grease. However, several moving parts are involved, including multiple chambers that have a unique manhole in place. This ensures the system works efficiently and as safely as needed to keep the interception rate high. Otherwise, the waste can start to overflow, leading to unwanted issues. A good grease interceptor with irregular chambers helps control the amount of waste in the system and ensures everything functions as intended. This is why cleaning and pumping the grease interceptor isn’t as simple as it seems. 

The first step in the cleaning process is to remove the waste from the chambers. This can become a complicated process and requires a comprehensive set of new-age tools. It is essential to effectively get rid of the waste using a hydro-jet cleaning process. This includes using a complete stream of water that pushes approximately 3500 PSI of water to eliminate waste from the tank. 

About Us

At San Jose Grease Trap Cleaning we believe in going big with all the work we do! Just because we do big work, doesn’t mean we’ll charge you an arm and leg though. Each of our projects starts with a face-to-face meeting so you’ll know exactly what the estimate will be for your food service business before we start working on your grease trap. 

Your grease trap is a small part of your food service business but anytime it goes out of commission, you end up with a big loss. Non-working grease traps can cause rancid smells, slimy overflows, and major water issues in your business. All of those things may not shut you down but they definitely won’t be bringing in the customers like you want! We can keep all of that from happening and keep your business humming along. 

We’ve been working in this industry for years and know what it takes to keep your grease trap running at peak efficiency. In addition to knowing the ins and outs of how your grease trap works within the context of your restaurant, we’re proficient at getting it squeaky clean on your schedule and your off-peak hours. 

Dealing with a grease trap is a messy business and not something you want to do by yourself. Instead of trying to get it all done while launching or running your successful business, let us do the dirty work for you! 

Primary Services We Offer

There are lots of different ways that your grease trap can malfunction and our team takes care of them all! 

When you’re setting up your new food service business or restaurant, you’ll need to get the correct grease trap installed right away so you can hit the ground running when you open your kitchen! The volume your kitchen will make needs to be carefully evaluated by our team of experts so you don’t waste money with too big of a tank or end up with an overflow with one that’s too small. 

Once your grease trap is safely installed, we’ll set you up with a schedule of cleaning and maintenance that will keep rancid smells and overflows at bay. Cleaning your grease trap requires a wide range of different methods and products and our team can tackle them all! While we’ll need to work on your off-peak hours to get your grease trap cleaned, you’ll be ready for those busy lunch and supper periods in no time. 

The grease trap for your restaurant will need to be pumped out every now and then and we can make sure it’s done when it should be to prevent any overflows into the local water system. There’s no magic number for the amount of times your grease trap will need to be pumped so we’ll help you assess the situation and decide when you need us to come to you! 

Every time your grease trap needs pumped, we haul away the waste and make sure it’s disposed of properly! 



Affordable & Reputable Grease Trap Services

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